Rehabilitation department at Kyiv Regional Clinical Hospital was solemnly opened on July 20.

Rehabilitation department at Kyiv Regional Clinical Hospital was solemnly opened on July 20.

This is the first state pilot training and rehabilitation department that was created in accordance with international standards.

Rehabilitation Training Center was opened on the basis of Neurological Department of Kyiv Regional Clinical Hospital with the support of Czech Republic and Charitable Foundation of Kyiv Regional Clinical Hospital. Czech Republic, within the Medevac project, provided financial assistance in the amount of 427,513 UAH for the purchase of equipment in  rehabilitation department.  The costs of running a hospital of Rehabilitation department amounted to nearly 2.5 million UAH: 1 868 400 UAH on major repairs of premises, 590 720 UAH for the purchase of equipment and furniture. This is a joint project of Ukraine and Czech Republic.

Department occupies one floor of a two-story building and has two entrances and exits. At the moment, repairs are completed. There is hall for rehabilitation work, a massage room, physiotherapy, observation rooms and rooms for the placement of 30 patients, including 4-6 patients with disturbed consciousness on  the first floor. On the second floor there is an existing hall for lectures and trainings, which is designed for 30 people. The main areas of work of Rehabilitation department will be neurology, orthopedics and traumatology. The objectives of the project were not only to create a modern rehabilitation department, but also to create a training center for training and re-training of health care workers, training the closest relatives of patients to the department of rehabilitation, which will facilitate faster physical and psychological restoration and reduce the level of society’s disability and financial burden on the state budget, by providing quality rehabilitation services.

The experience of opening and functioning of such a department will be further transferred to other hospitals in the Kyiv region and Ukraine as a whole.

Thus, the opening of training and the medical department will push for changes in the state system of rehabilitation and will enable to reduce the number of people with disabilities.

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