Our programs

Today, due to the difficult situation in the country, the issue of medical care and existence  of medical facilities raised particularly acute.

So Projects of Foundation from 2014 are aimed at improving quality of medical care in  Kyiv Regional Clinical Hospital  , overcoming the actual problems of hospital, providing qualified and the most effective treatment of patients and increase health awareness among citizens of Ukraine.

Projects of Foundation:

  1. Targeted assistance (prospects)
  • charitable assistance to particular patients (drugs, assistance with payment tests or consultations)
  • Assistance to soldiers of ATO (treatment, medicines and clothes).
  1. Medical supplies

Consumables are needed for any medical procedures like injection of medicines and taking tests. Small parties will not be enough, that is why we regularly replenish sterile and necessary medical supplies for Hospital.

  1. Medical Equipment

One of the directions activity of Foundation is to raise funds to purchase medical equipment for the departments of Hospital. Many Ukrainian hospitals over the years can not purchased in their departments expensive equipment for diagnosis, operations, research, treatment and maintenance of life of patients. The state barely covers these costs. Using a modern hospitals and high-precision medical equipment is aimed for the development of high technology fields of medicine.

  1. Training for doctors (prospects)

We help doctors to improve their skills.

Science is not static – the world’s pharmaceutical giants are constantly producing new effective drugs, leading clinics around the world are changing treatment protocols, conduct clinical studies and make the next step in the fight against the disease. Modern doctor can not be guided by outdated knowledge.

For example, we can pay for travel and accommodation of doctors on courses, translate professional medical literature in English.

If  doctor need  to visit  important international scientific or medical conference, we will help him in this issue.

  1. Repair of departments

In departments of Hospital where patients are treated must be created comfortable conditions and sterile cleanliness. Nosocomial infections could kill a patient within a few days to prevent this, we pay for possible repair outlets, which lead department in appropriate conditions.

During the period 2014 – 2016 years Charitable Foundation of Kyiv Regional Clinical Hospital due to charitable donations were purchased building materials and paid for renovations in departments of  Kyiv Regional Clinical Hospital:

  • Consultative clinic
  • Department of Ophthalmology
  • Department of Maxillofacial Surgery
  • Administrative building
  • Department of Urology
  • Department of Neurology №1 and №2
  • Operating unit
  • Resuscitation
  • Department of Endoscopy
  • Department Cytomorphological and immunohistochemical studies
  • Department of Allergology
  • Therapeutic body, etc.
  1. Implementation of complex medical programs. Programs examinations and diagnostics (Check-Up) (perspective)

Check-Up – a comprehensive survey, which allow to diagnose or exclude dangerous disease at asymptomatic stages. The implementation of these programs will help to save and be healthy. As well as raising additional funds, which then will be used to improve the activity of the hospital.

  1. Cooperation with Ukrainian and international charitable organizations.
  • Charitable Foundation of Kyiv Regional Clinical Hospital is a member of Association of Benefactors of Ukraine (which counts more than 50 organizations) directly involved in the life of Association – conferences, forums, discussions, round tables
  • Cooperates with Ukrainian charitable organizations, Ukraine 3000, Association of Benefactors of Ukraine, World Co., Blahomay, Let’s help others.
  • Cooperation with the Association “French people’s support» (Secours populaire français, SPF) “

The development of national and international collaboration helps to develop, learn and share experiences and assist in attracting new investments, finding donors for the future.

The study of international experience and partnership with European colleagues are our most effective form of international cooperation.