The objective, mission, principles

CHARITABLE FOUNDATION OF KYIV REGIONAL CLINICAL HOSPITAL – Charitable Organization which was established in 2013.

Charitable Foundation of Kyiv Regional Clinical Hospital  carries out charity work in Ukraine and implements projects in the health sector.

The purpose of Charitable Foundation: realization of charitable activity in the public interest.

Mission of Charitable Foundation:  to promote development and improvement in provision of medical services in Ukraine and improve the level of medical care for modern European standards in  Kyiv Regional Clinical Hospital

Basic principles of Charitable Foundation: honesty, quality, efficiency, transparency, social partnership and consideration of the views of everyone who are not indifferent to the health of the Ukrainian nation.

Charitable Foundation carries out activities on the following bases: legality, humanity, common interests, equality, transparency, voluntariness

The motto of Charitable Foundation: TOGETHER FOR HEALTHY FUTURE OF UKRAINE!