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08133 Chornovola Str. 1-A, Vyshneve,
Kyivo-Svyatoshunsky district of Kyiv region;
Actual address:
The Charitable foundation of Kyiv regional clinical hospital
04119, Kyiv, 15 Sim’ii Khokhlovukh Str., of. 204
Phone:+38 (044) 207-47-06,
Mobile:+38 (067) 209-73-56,
EDRPOU Code: 38996937;
Account 26007056104123 at branch “KyivCity” PAT “KB”PrivateBank”
Bank Code 380775
Charitable foundation provides clear reports on how much money was collected and what was bought.
We are grateful for any sort of help. Supporting Kyiv regional clinical hospital, you provide qualified and effective medical care to hundreds of people, and therefore – healthy life.

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