The quality of health care system in Ukraine has a great influence on the future of the citizens, therefore the whole country. The current health care system requires serious reforms and improvements. This issue becomes even more relevant in this important for Ukraine period – period of European integration. As experience shows thousands of Ukrainian patients die because of shortage of necessary medicines, medical equipment and well-qualified aid.


Unfortunately, the state does not provide proper financing for medical establishments. Kyiv Regional Clinical Hospital is not an exception.  This medical establishment provides serves to the whole region, but the current state budget cannot cover all the expenses for hospital needs. Kyiv Regional Clinical Hospital needs funds for the purchase of modern medical equipment, instruments, thorough repair, reinforcement of material and technical resources, renovation of laboratories, re-equipment of wards, postgraduate education for health workers, etc.

CHARITABLE FOUNDATION OF KYIV REGIONAL CLINICAL HOSPITAL is not connected with any political party or business, that’s why we expect help from concerned citizens and organizations.

Each donation in development of the health care system – is invaluable, because it is aimed at saving lives!