Daily Archives: 18.09.2015

New ophthalmologic laser

"Charitable foundation of Kyiv regional clinical hospital" with the help of hundreds of concerned benefactors bought for “Kyiv regional clinical hospital” modern ophthalmologic laser  -Optimus Fusion SLT / YAG. It is the perfect choice for the treatment of open-angle glaucoma and lowering intraocular pressure, does not permit thermal damage and allows  repeating of the procedure, proven...
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Charitable aid for patient – September

Owning to philantropists, “Charitable Foundation of Kyiv Regional Clinical Hospital" purchased for the resuscitation department,:
  • Apparatus for artificial ventilation Monnal T50;
  • 2 medical compressors DK 50 DS.
Ventilator - a medical equipment that is designed to force feed the gas mixture (oxygen and compressed air drained) into the lungs for the purpose of blood oxygen saturation and removal...
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