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New bedding for Kyiv regional clinical hospital

Thanks to our benefactors, ”Charitable Foundation of Kyiv regional clinical hospital” has purchased 500 sets of bedding (duvet covers, sheets, pillowcases), so in the departments of Kyiv regional clinical hospital, we were able to upgrade bedding. Each of your contribution to the development of health care - priceless, as aimed at saving human life! The aim of...
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Day health worker

June 19, 2015 in the circuit COR "Kyiv regional clinical hospital" on the occasion of the professional holiday the grand celebration of the Day of Medical Workers. His gratitude for the diligent, dedicated and hard work in a difficult period for all countries, but very important and expressed the chief doctor Ankin L. Nicholas. With...
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Charitable aid for patient – June

“Charitable Foundation of Kyiv regional clinical hospital" has purchased and transferred to "Kyiv Regional Clinical Hospital" solutions for infusion and some materials to provide medical assistance to victims in a result of the fire at fuel depots in Vasylkiv. Solutions for infusion:
  • Aminocaproic acid, 100 ml - 50 bottles
  • Bihaflon 100 ml - 50 bottles
  • Hekodez 400 ml -...
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