Together for Healthy Future of Ukraine

  • Partnership
    We are looking for partners who are willing to contribute to the development and implementation of projects aimed at the development of Kyiv regional clinical hospital. You can help our foundation by remitting money on our account…


  • Our programs
    Our programs are aimed at improving the quality of medical care at Kyiv regional clinical hospital, overcoming the actual problems of the hospital, providing well-qualified and effective treatment to patients and increasing health awareness of Ukrainians. Nowadays,…


  • Mission
    The quality of health care system in Ukraine has a great influence on the future of the citizens, therefore the whole country. The current health care system requires serious reforms and improvements. This issue becomes even more…



  • World Day of vision
    8th of October – World Day of vision is celebrated on the second Thursday of October at the initiative of the World Health Organization. This date marked on the calendar to attract global attention to the problems of...
  • New ophthalmologic laser
    “Charitable foundation of Kyiv regional clinical hospital” with the help of hundreds of concerned benefactors bought for “Kyiv regional clinical hospital” modern ophthalmologic laser  -Optimus Fusion SLT / YAG. It is the perfect choice for the treatment...
  • New bedding for Kyiv regional clinical hospital
    Thanks to our benefactors, ”Charitable Foundation of Kyiv regional clinical hospital” has purchased 500 sets of bedding (duvet covers, sheets, pillowcases), so in the departments of Kyiv regional clinical hospital, we were able to upgrade bedding. Each...

Our projects

  • New computers
    Thanks to our benefactors, « Charitable Foundation of Kyiv regional clinical hospital» in 2014/2015 purchased: PC – 68 Monitors – 68 Computer power supplies – 11 Printers – 45 We are trying to computerize “ Kiev regional...

The Charitable foundation of Kyiv regional clinical hospital: Charity, cooperation, donation. We are looking for partners who can help to donate.

The Charitable foundation of Kyiv regional clinical hospital


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